Buyer Requests on ServiceMarketplaceScript

The Requests System - ServiceMarketplaceScript

The buyer requests system on Service Marketplace Script allows buyers to request a job they want done along with their budget.

Sellers can view the full list of active buyer requests on ServiceMarketplaceScript.

If interested a seller can send an offer to the buyer's request, offering them one of their jobs to purchase.

Buyers can manage their requests and view all offers sent to them.

We will explain step by step how locations works.

Buyers can post a request, which includes a description, category, budget and delivery days.
buyer post a request on ServiceMarketplaceScript
Requests can be managed by the buyer in their account.
Buyer manage requests ServiceMarketplaceScript
Requests page lists all active buyer requests for sellers to view.
Buyer requests page SMP Script
Sellers can send offers to buyer requests.
ServiceMarketplaceScript send offer for request
*E-mail Notification* - If the buyer's e-mail address is verified, they will receive an e-mail notification when a new offer is sent to them.

Buyers can view any offers sent to them.
ServiceMarketplaceScript view offers
We also added the 5 most recent requests to the homepage, along with a link to view all requests.
ServiceMarketplaceScript homepage recent requests