Locations on ServiceMarketplaceScript

The Location System - ServiceMarketplaceScript

The location system on Service Marketplace Script allows you to add a location (automatically using the google maps autocomplete location api) when you list or edit a job.

Locations added to jobs display on the view job page.

The search page on ServiceMarketplaceScript lets you search for jobs based on the location.

The location system can be turned on/off in the admin panel.

We will explain step by step how locations works.

When you add a job to ServiceMarketplaceScript you can now add a location.
ServiceMarketplaceScript location system
If a location is added, it will be displayed on the view job page.
Location on view job page
The search page now has an option to search by location!
Search by location
If you start typing the google autocomplete starts suggesting locations for you to click on.
Search by location autocomplete
*Note* Admins can turn the location system ON/OFF.