Local Bank Payments Module

Local Bank Payments Module

The local bank payments module for Service Marketplace Script allows you to let users on your ServiceMarketplaceScript website pay for jobs using a local bank transfer/payment.
This is popular in countries where paypal and/or payza cannot be used, or in countries where credit card payments are not common.

When ordering a job buyers will see the option to pay via thier local bank
Pay via local bank
Buyers are then given all the info they need to make the payment at the bank (set in the admin panel)
Local bank info
After the buyer pays they submit the info using the form
Submit bank info
It will then show up for validation in the admin panel.
Validate local payments
The admin then checks his bank account to confirm he received the payment, then valiates it and the order is created.
Create order
The buyer will then receive an order update e-mail with a link to the order tracking page. The order then proceeds normally as any other order would.

Users can request a withdrawal to their local bank.
Withdraw to local bank
Users can set their bank withdrawal information in the settings page, which will be used if they request a withdrawal via local bank.
Your bank info



The local bank payments module is installed and can be tested on our demo website:

The module works for job order payments, feature job payments and withdrawals!