Custom Order Module

Custom Order Module

The custom order module for Service Marketplace Script allows sellers to create custom orders for individual buyers
This adds an entire new stream of revenue for your ServiceMarketplaceScript website.

We will explain step by step how it works.

The custom order module works with it's own commission percentage setting. The admin can set this in the admin panel.
custom order commission percentage
The seller menu will have a new link to the "My Custom Orders" page.
My Custom Orders Link
The "My Custom Orders" page lists all the seller's created custom orders and has a link to create a new custom order.
My Custom Orders
The create custom order page lets you enter the title, price, description and days to completion.
create custom order
After you create the custom order the success page will show you the link to it as well as let you send the custom order as a conversation message to any user you have an existing conversation with.
custom order created
If the seller sends it to the buyer, they will get a message with a link to it.
notify custom order
The view custom order page has a summary of the order and a link to pay for it.
voew custom order
The buyer will then be taken to the payment page as they would be for any other order.

Everything else then proceeds as any other order would.



The Custom Order Module is installed and can be tested on our demo website: