Amazon S3 Module

Amazon S3 Module

The amazon s3 module for Service Marketplace Script stores uploaded file attachments to an amazon s3 server to reduce the bandwidth and load on your web server.

We will explain step by step how it works.

The admin first sets his amazon s3 access and bucket name in the admin panel.
amazon s3 access
*Optional* A cron job can be setup which will move all existing file attachments from your web server to the amazon s3 server.

The admin panel will indicate which files are on the amazon s3 server, and the links updates to reflect that.
My Custom Orders

If the module is enabled, then any new uploaded file attachements will be automatically transferred to the amazon s3 server.

Any links to file attachments on the website are updated to the amazon s3 url if the file is on the amazon s3 server.
custom order created

When a file attachment is deleted, if is also deleted from the amazon s3 server.


*Also works with our instant delivery module when you attach files.